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About LPBchem
source:Wuhan Phosphine Peiba Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuhan LPBchem Technology Co., Ltd, specializes in researchment, production and customization of organic phosphine compounds, organophosphorus palladium metal catalysts, Oled materials and  pharmaceutical intermediates. Our products ranges from palladium series catalyst , Rhodium series catalysts , Copper catalysts , phosphine ligands and N-ligands. 
The company has over 40 employees, including 2 doctors and 11 with technical titles. Experienced technical backbones account for over 95% of the company. It set up a joint laboratory with Hubei University professors to provide customers high quality product customization and catalyst screening. We aimed to become a domestic first-class manufacturer of organophosphorus precious metal catalysts.
We have various types of reactors apply to different conditions from high temperature, high pressure, to low temperature and ultra low temperature. We also have various analytical instruments such as gas chromatography (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to ensure high quality. We are glad to create value with customers toghther!

Wuhan Phosphine Peiba Technology Co., Ltd.

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